As I sit here in my room on a hot summer night, looking at this picture of last years new years eve I can only start to smile (not smiling  because 2016 is gone and 2017 is starting), but smiling because this year has been one of my favorite years so far.

Yes I know what you are thinking, sitting there reading this, but it’s true. Did I have difficult times this year ? absolutely, but non the less this year as been a year of growth for me as well as my loved ones.

You see for you to understand this I will have to start from a couple of years back, lets say 2012 (the year the world was supposedly ending).

You see this photo right here, well this is my family and I at my 21st birthday this year. I just need you to look at this photo and than read the story that’s following.

As I said let’s start at 2012 (I was 17), you see my brother next to me well he is 25 (2012 he was 22), and that’s when our world got turned around. You see as children his age now a days do, they go out clubbing, get drunk and get hooked on drugs (well that’s exactly what happened to him).


I’m not getting into all the soppy sad details of all the rehabs he had to go to, all the tears I had to see running down my moms face, all the tears I secretly had to hide because I had to stay strong for my mom and dad (well at least in my mind I had to). The years following up to now was pretty much the same, he got out of rehab, went back into rehab, tears tears and more tears.

As 2014 was starting to look up for us he decided to commit suicide, yes he actually did die and than got resuscitated, and even though he was still alive and a miracle we just couldn’t bare to look at him in that hospital bed. One of our worst years yet.

2015 started and well I was blessed enough to have gotten a promotion at work . 2015 was no different than 2014 because once again we had a dark cloud hanging on us, because for the second and third time my brother tried to commit suicide, but was unsuccessful.

But in the 2016 every changed for the best …


2016 was a year where everything changed for me, yes sure as a family and with this economic changes happening in South Africa financially it wasn’t one of our best years.

But 2016 wasn’t about me and my family, it was about ME.

You see we as people tend to redirect all our attention to others, and we never focus on ourselves, but what happens when you start to focus a little bit more on yourself and a little bit less on everyone else.

For me it all started after my 21st birthday, when I realized that no matter what you do and how much effort you put into a friendship/relationship it will never be enough. You see last year I decided to break a friendship with one of my closes friends because I had enough of people taking advantage of me. One thing we should always remember, God never said love everyone else more than you love yourself, He said love everyone else as you would love yourself (Mark 12:30).

Last year wasn’t just letting go of people that’s not meant to be in my life (if it is for now or for ever) but it was also about getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and growing as a person.

2016 for me explained in one word is CONFUSING. Yet that doesn’t scare me, confusion happens when doors are being opened for you, when you are moving in the right direction.

2016 I would like to thank you for teaching me life lessons, for making my faith grow stronger and for making me see my imperfections as perfections in Gods eyes.


2016 I started you with people that I love, and ended you with people that I love.



2017 let’s get this year started !!



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