This is a new adventure for me, as my blog is going from inspirational to fashion. A lot may not understand as to way this is happening, but I love fashion, I’ve been working in the fashion industry since 2014.

Inspirational stories is still going to be my main focus, but this is my personal blog so why not do both, I mean if people can blog about lifestyle, beauty and travel than surely I can blog about the things I like Inspirational stories and Fashion. 

For my first Fashion blog I’m going to start with one of my FAVE online store.
Fave is a South-African home grown store, which has become a leading global online destination for fashion forward and free thinking risk takers.

Fave is all about the newest cutting edge trends, their inspiration is the world we live in from social media,street style, cat walk, celebrities and pop culture.

Fave’s wide range of fashion related contend isn’t just for super skinny girls, it’s for the plus sized as well. Their sizes go from a XS (4-6) to XXL (16-18) NOTE that this is all in South African sizes. This online store has a vision to empower all women from different ethnicity and body types.

Fave online has all the summer essentials that you need. Their online store started out as a bikini ranged store and now it has so much more.

-Gym wear

The price range goes from R 100.00 – R 450.00 , which in my opinion is more affordable than most online stores. Fave does deliveries all over South Africa, so if you are a city girl or a coastal girl you can order from them and receive your FAVE item in 5-7 working days.

We all love a good sale don’t we. It’s summer time, and it’s bikini season. If you are chilling at home with some friends, going to a “braai” or if you are like me on vacation or going on vacation we always need a new bikini.

Do yourself a favor and shop their summer sale.

You can go onto their website from here or you can go to any of their social media platforms and find a link to their store.
Fave Online

Talking about social media, go give them a follow on Instagram (FAVE), they have 18.8K followers, they love doing competitions where their followers can win a bikini of their choice.

You might wonder as to were I came across them, Instagram of course. The bikini I’m wearing in this photo is two different bikini’s (since I love the two together). Both are from Fave, the first one I bought (the bottom) and the second one (the top) I was one of their winners in the “bikini selfie” competition.

As you can see I was very happy with my fist delivery from FAVE and until today this is one of my FAVE bikini’s (no pun intended). The first one is a crochet top that is a peachy color with white and black, the bottom is a lime green color.

The second bikini is a lighter sea green color and black, I decided on this one because it’s a exact replica of the triangle bikini’s, I love this because it was the newest trend but it was actually affordable.

The material of both of them are so amazing, it takes 5 minutes and the bikini is dry. It is soft, so no roughness, no discomfort, just happiness and joy.

Do yourself a favor and shop your FAVE bikini at the FAVE online store








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