We often lose ourselves in the world we live in. It’s probably one of the easiest things that we do, we see how ‘pretty’ one girl is and we start comparing ourselves to her.

Society has placed us in categories and getting out of there is one of the most difficult things to do. It’s easy to get categorized but getting out of there is difficult and that’s when we start changing  ourselves.

Yet that’s exactly the way we lose ourselves.

We lose ourselves by thinking that when we think, walk, talk, act and dress like everyone else we will start finding ourselves. We are so focused as to what society wants that we start defining ourselves according to it.

We start believing that being born different is ‘uncool.’
We start changing the things that makes us unique.
We start changing our look, because the way we look doesn’t fit in with the ‘law’ of society.
We start thinking and believing the same way others do, because thinking outside the box is a no go.

For the longest time I wanted to fit in. I wanted people to know who I am, I wanted them to know my name. It was so bad that it became my desire to fit in and as soon as that became my desire that’s when I lost myself.

Yet even when I tried to become the person who everyone will know,’ I never could, because that’s not who I am, I’m someone who loves doing things that is out of the ordinary, I love thinking different than everyone else, I love giving my opinion and I have my own type of style.

As soon as I started realizing that I’m not supposed to “fit the norm” that’s when I started to find myself.

I believe that we don’t lose ourselves to society’s thoughts of how to be willingly but rather because we are oblivious to it. Let me give you an example, you see, as little children we are taught that everyone has beauty inside and out, but when we get older and start seeing all the models on the cover of magazines, that’s when we start criticizing everyone on their outer beauty. That’s how the ‘law’ of beauty in society became a reality. Not because of models, but because everyone started to look at the outer beauty and stopped caring about the inner beauty.

The real question is WHY ?

WHY change yourself ?
WHY worry what others think ?
WHY live a life where you are not happy ?
WHY care what society thinks or say ?

To be honest with you, these questions are hard to answer when you want to fit in.


There are so many WHY’s we can ask ourselves, but there is only one WHY I want to live by.

WHY believe you are not good enough when God made you with His perfect hands.

God didn’t make you to change yourself for the world, in fact, He made you to change the world. He made you fearfully and wonderfully and you, my dear friend, are more worthy that what any human on this planet can make you out to be.

Be yourself, the ones that love you will stand by you for who you are, and the ones who are not for you, but against you, are not even worthy of your attention.



4 thoughts on “Don’t let society place you in a box.

  1. Awesome awesome Ek looovvveee dit! Why fit in when we are born to stand out. Blessed met ‘n vriendin soos jy waat my anvaar oor ek anders is


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