Sitting here in the car, going back to reality, I’m thinking of all the things I would have loved to tell my younger self.

Like, Marcelle, you are beautiful, but than I realized that I only really got comfortable in my own skin by the age of 19. There are so many other things I could tell myself, so why not write a letter to my younger self.

Dear younger Marcelle.

This is a letter from an older you to well, you, and I’m here to tell you a little bit of what you are going to go through in your life time (well until now which is 21.)

Here it goes …

You are going to go through some rough times, more than what you can think of and more than what you are going to tell others. Remember you are someone that keeps everything to her self and this is going to make you a “hard” person.

You will lose people in your life, people you never thought you will lose, but with that said you are going to gain so many new friends.

You are going to stand by others sides, but not all of them will have your back.

You are going to be the person everyone is going to run to with their problems, yet not all of them are going to be there when you need a shoulder to cry on.

You have a way of thinking differently to others, so just know that not everyone is going to understand you, therefore people will tell you to change and they will “box you up”.

You are not going to be the most prettiest girl in the class, group or even in a mall. You are going to change yourself to fit in, but you will never be happy within yourself.

People are going to say rude things to you and about you, you are going to take those words they say to heart and you are going to ponder over it for years to come. *Be strong little girl*

You are going to be the person that will not know how to love, yet you will be the person telling others how to love.

You are an over thinker, so you will over think most situations, but you will not fall into the trap of your own thoughts.


There are things that I need you to remember.

When you feel sad or lonely you need to write everything down, cause one day when you are 21 you are going to start a blog where your thoughts will be written down. This will only be the start since one of your dreams will be to write a book.

The people who broke you, will come back to you, but you are going to be strong enough to stand back and say NO, you will not ruin my life again,

The battles you fought are the ones that made you, YOU. You will one day be there for so many people and inspire people to think different, to fight for what they believe in and most importantly to stand up for themselves.

You will love yourself, but it will take a couple of years, but when you do start loving yourself no one will  be able to STOP you.

There will be people coming into your life for a reason, a season or for a life time, you will know who is who.

Remember that by 21 you still don’t have it all figured out, but you do know where you are heading and I’m proud of you for how far you have come.


You have made it through so much.

You have made it through bullying.

You have made it through your brothers suicide attempts (I didn’t mention this one before cause you are still working through the emotions, everyday).

You have made it through the worst years of your life.

You have made it through your own thoughts about yourself.

Your life that you are living now is a bad one leading to a great one, you will never give up, and you will have your parents with you every step of the way.

Remember after a bad day life goes on.

Signing off,
Your older self.



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